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Pro E Title Blocks


There are two sections in this article.

1. How to create your own title block.

2. How to import the title block you made (or a default one) into Pro E.

=1. Creating Drawing Formats=

Select File >> New and select the format option.

In the Format mode you can draw lines, write text and add tables to create the borders,
title blocks, and tables needed in your format
Use View >> Draft Grid to open the Draft Grid options Dialog Box. In this box you can
change the grid spacing and turn the grid on and off.

Use Sketch >> Sketch Preferences to open the Sketch Preferences Dialog Box. In this box
you can enable grid snapping and vertical and horizontal snapping as well as chain
sketching in order to make drawing borders and title blocks easier.

This button: inserts a note.
This button: inserts a table.
This button: is for drawing lines.

NOTE: Text that you put into the format in the form of notes can NOT be changed in the drawing.
but text that you put in tables can be edited in the drawing. Therefore, if you want a bit of
text to be edit-able than you must place it in a table.

Also below are some helpful codes that will make your drawing formats much more robust.
Putting these codes into your title block will allow Pro E to automatically update
certain pieces of text in your title block.

! Code
! Automatic Text
| &dwg_name
| .....
| This code will insert the file name or your drawing into your title block.
| &current_sheet
| .....
| This code will insert the page number of the drawing sheet.
| &total_sheets
| .....
| This code will insert total number of sheets that a drawing contains.
| &todays_date
| .....
| Self explanatory.
| &format
| .....
| This code will insert the size of the drawing, i.e. A, B, A0, etc.
| &model_name
| .....
| This code will insert the name of the model that is being drawn.
| &scale
| .....
| This code will insert the global scale of the drawing.

EXAMPLE: if in your title block you type "Sheet: &current_sheet of &total_sheets" and
your drawing has 2 sheets, then on the first page this portion of your title block
will read: Sheet: 1 of 2.

=2. Inserting Formats into Drawings=

If you have created your own templates, or have downloaded someone else's, place
these templates in your working directory (the folder where your parts get saved to).
Open a drawing you are working on or create a new drawing by selecting File >> New >> Drawing.

If you create a new drawing, give it a name and select the format size you want.

In your drawing select File >> Page Setup.

This will open the Page Setup Dialog. Select the drop-down menu on the left. The list
Contains the default drawing formats that are built into Pro E. If you want to use a
custom format Select "Browse."

Pro E will automatically navigate to the folder that contains the default formats.

HINT: A quick way to navigate back to your working directory is to select:

If you saved the templates to your working directory you should see them there.
Select one of them and select Open then OK to apply the format to your drawing.

By: Garrett Bodily


Paracax Department of Mechanical Engineering, BYU, Provo, UT 84602 - (801)422-2625 meweb [at] byu [dot] edu (ME Webmaster)